In 1996, we got a heartfelt letter from a college freshman named Lea. She was wasting away at Mount Holyoke College - forlorn and searching for truth and happiness.

Why she decided to get in touch with us, we'll never know.

Our advice? Forget about grades. Enjoy life. Skip a few classes. After our phone call on Car Talk, Lea went on with her life.

But we always wondered how things turned out for her. Did she find true happiness... or was she serving 15 to life at Sing Sing? As the years went by our curiosity only grew.

Well, we have some great news! Our web lackeys recently managed to track our old pal down. And her story is a very interesting one.

You can check out our conversation with Lea, find out what she's up to these days (hint: think East - Far East), and even join in on our online chat with her - it's all right here.

Yours in finding your bliss,

Tom and Ray
Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers