Car Talk Presents... Thank a Mechanic Day!

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Know a great mechanic who deserves some recognition? Now’s your chance to earn a little good Car-ma.

We’re declaring Thursday, November 15th to be “Thank a Mechanic Day.”

Want to play along? Great!

This Thursday, we have a few things we’d like you to do.

1. Make sure your mechanic is in our Mechanics Files. Do your part to promote the great mechanics out there, and help others avoid getting ripped off. Nothing says “Thank you!” like a few extra transmission rebuilds.

B. Send a card, drop off some baked goods, or even cancel that pending lawsuit. Get creative! Then, tell us what you did to say thanks. Our own suggestion, based on years of personal experience, is a plate of fresh-baked brownies. Or a just-out-of-the-oven apple pie. Or two weeks in Cabo. You get the idea. 

III. Share why you’re grateful for your mechanic in the comments below. We want to hear your story!

Get creative. We dare you! (Flickr/Angelina Cupcakes)After we’re all done thanking our favorite greasy troglodytes next Thursday, we’ll pick our favorite stories and share them here in the Car Talk Staff Blog and on our Car Talk Facebook page.

And so, to the hard-working jamokes out there who keep the wheels turning and the transmissions from falling out, we tip our greasy caps in your general direction. And to those of us who have reaped the benefits, let's earn a little good Car-ma.

Thank a mechanic this Thursday. Besides, it might just keep a wheel from falling off!

- Tom, Ray, Doug B., David, Carly, Connie and Doug M., Car Talk Plaza, Our Fair City, MA
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mechanics, events

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