Car Talk Plaza: The Voicemail

mail bag, car talk plaza
Ever wonder who calls Car Talk Plaza? All the usual suspects, of course: attorneys for auto manufacturers, irate NPR opera listeners whose show we've pre-empted, and the usual prank calls from NPR's President. And of course, we get a few out-and-out whackos. Why? Because like attracts like, of course! 

We simply had to share some of these messages with you. It's safe to say these folks have problems... and not the kind of problems that Tom and Ray can solve in ten minutes over the phone, if you catch our drift.

Don't believe us? Well...

1) Here's a guy who's worried his accent is keeping him from getting an answer from Tom and Ray.

2) Here's one from a lady who's very worried about Tom and Ray's er.... health. In a manner of speaking.

3) And one lady calls to make Tom and Ray a certain offer....

We got this phone to match the calls we get, but had to retire it after too many lackeys complained about losing fingers. (Flickr Photo/jpellgen)More audio offerings from our voicemail await you in our web feature, Callers Who Didn't Make It.

We hope you enjoyed listening to these dubious gems as much as we enjoyed compiling them!
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mail bag, car talk plaza

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