Car Talk Plaza: The Early Days

Our Fair City, car talk plaza
This window look at all familiar?

Sounds like a cover for guys to play poker, to us!Yep. It's our very own Car Talk Plaza.... Some decades ago. Here it is today:

And yes, we do actually have people drop in, looking for a lawyer.Looks like these guys at RSRI really paved the way for our friends at Murky Research.

Of course, we've done our own fair share of research at Dewey, Cheetham & Howe, too. Current topics under investigation:

Effects of Mandatory Nap Time on Office Morale
Durability of Wall Plaster After Repeated Dart Impacts
Used Coffee Cups as Penicillin Incubators

So... tell us: What do you think went down at RSRI all those decades ago? We're wondering!
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Our Fair City, car talk plaza

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