Send the Kid to School...Racing School

Berkley Thomas sent the following letter

Bob & Ray Marriotzi (you'll have to excuse the miss-spelling of your name--I'm dyslexic and spell phonetically),

Get back to the "mother" who is so afraid of her daughter, and so ignorant of the physics of speed, that she will choose a BMW time bomb with a very short fuse. TELL HER TO LOOK FOR A "CUTE" COFFIN FOR HER.

I believe I have the BEST answer for saving this kid's life:

I'm sure you guys know of the best racing-driver's school. Get a hold of them and ask them to stand by to accept this child into their school.

Convince her mother to send her to this school before she gets her the car. Stress the need for a 16-year-old to learn from the pros how to drive, and then they can scare the hell out of cutesie.

The mother will have to sign a waiver of responsibility before they'll take her, no doubt. Also, get to BMW and explain what's about to happen and get them to contact the mother. I'm sure they don't want glaring publicity of butchery blighting their image of safe and "cute" cars.

This mom has no sense. She's going to buy the car no matter how much you try to dissuade her. If she truly loves her daughter, she will do this (send her to racing school) for her daughter's life. Hell, the kid will love it--she'll be able to brag to all of her friends about going around the track at 180 mph.

How about copiloting in a demolition derby? Or better yet, a stock-car race. Scare the sense into both of them.

Good luck.

P.S. I've listened to you for many years. You are the best thing going on the airwaves. Thanks for being there.

With great admiration,

AKA Berkley Thomas

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