We're Not Sure We Want to Call Her Back

Dave Griffin sent the following letter

I'm writing concerning that moron woman on the September 26 show who wanted to buy her 16-year-old daughter the BMW Z-3. (I'm not sure if that show was a rerun or not. I hope it wasn't because I sent in a Puzzler answer.)

Anyway, what a stupid woman! A 16-year-old does NOT need a brand-new anything, much less a BMW Z-3. My first car was a '76 AMC Matador four-door. What a babe magnet! This woman needs to buy her daughter something indestructible, like an Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser wagon. Where is the father in this decision? Does anyone in this family have the slightest grasp on reality?

I do have to disagree with you guys about your horsepowero-weight-ratio law. Where would this country be without such ridiculously overpowered cars as the Corvette, GTO, 442 Cutlass, SS Chevelle, Hemi GTX/Roadrunner and Mustang? Well, maybe we'd be overpopulated and have too much gasoline.

My boss, Brian, and I both agree that you need to put this lady on Stump the Chumps. Call her back three months after her daughter has been driving the Z-3 and find out if:

A) She is still alive;

B) She is currently on life support;

C) She is paralyzed from the neck down; or

D) She is mourning the fiery demise of her precious Z-3 but otherwise OK.

Hey, lady! Whattaya, NUTS??!!!!

Yours truly,

Dave Griffin
Lilburn, GA

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