Janet: Join the EMTs!

John Abbott sent the following letter

Tom & Ray:

I have been thinking all weekend about the woman who called from Charlotte about buying a 16-year-old girl a BMW Z-3.

You guys covered most of the wacko aspects of this, but I really wonder about the sanity of someone who would spend mucho bucks to kill their offspring. I mean, are these folks soooo rich that they can pay someone else to do their thinking??

Maybe what they should do it this:

Make the mother and the daughter (maybe even the wacko father--he's probably a lawyer) spend a month riding with an ambulance crew for the local fire and rescue organization. After spending a couple of Saturday nights shoveling the brains of some teenager into a bucket (after he/she tried to take out a Peterbilt with a Fiat, or move a tree with a small, bulletlike automobile like the Z-3) or scraping parts and pieces off the road, they will see that even a Volvo is too risky a deal.

Maybe after seeing what an automobile can and WILL do to someone, the mother will opt for something more suitable, like a new bicycle or a new Barbie doll.

(By the way, I have a soon-to-be-16-year-old son. He has already been told that he will probably be collecting Social Security before I buy him a car!)


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