One Officer's Test-Drive Tale

David Powe (pronounced "Poe") sent the following letter

Dear Tom and Ray,

Your conversation with the woman who wanted to buy her daughter a BMW M-3 made me think of one of the eerier sights I have seen recently. I am a police officer in the city of Richardson, Texas, where within the last few months we had a one-car fatality accident involving an M-3. The woman who was killed was on a test drive from the dealership with a salesperson, who was seriously injured, when the car took an exit from the highway, left the access road, struck a fire hydrant and overturned. The driver was 47 years old as I recall. The eerie sight was looking at the wrecked car at the auto pound and seeing how completely clean the engine compartment was, with the copper windings of the alternator gleaming in my flashlight beam. The car had the unmistakable smell of a new car. Nevertheless, despite its fewer than 100 miles on the odometer, it was an unsalvageable mass of metal. It was very saddening. I just hope you talked some sense into the 16-year-old's mother.

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