What's the caption?

And... wondering what really happened? Well...

Years ago, Tommy used to go to Australia every winter to teach business classes - and escape the frigid winters in Our Fair City. Ray, meanwhile, was stuck in the garage... freezing his muffler off.

Naturally, this didn't sit well with Ray or his wife, Monique.

So, one year, spring rolls around, and Ray and Monique head out to Logan Airport for Tommy's annual return. Only this time, Monique was hiding in the back seat of Tom's car - and when he opened the door, she planted a banana cream pie squarely in between his eyes. (Ruining a new cashmere jacket, Tom would like us to point out.)

The tradition stuck - and to this day, a vacationing Magliozzi must be very, very careful upon returning home, lest he or she end up with a face full of whipped cream, bananas and crust - just as Tommy did, one cold morning this past January, at the Cafe Paradiso.

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