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Car Info

Car Tips, Advice and Troubleshooting


Car Talk Test Drive Notes

Read reviews from Car Talk test drivers.

All About Electric Vehicles

Everything you ever wanted to know about electric vehicles, including explainers, FAQs, a buying guide and much more.

Secret Tricks of Car Salesmen

Car Talk goes undercover and gets the inside scoop, from operative "Deep Plaid."

Hybrid Vehicles

What's a hybrid?  How do they work?  Should you buy one?  Answers here.

Diesel Zone

Vastly cleaner, new diesel engines and fuel are here.  Here's the lowdown.

Car Talk's Guide to Alternative Fuels

Tired of the petro-industrial complex?  Get the lowdown on ethanol, biodiesel, and straight vegetable oil.

Car Talk Auto Advisor

Need help picking your next car?  Our human-vehicle matching quiz helps you narrow down the options.

Buying Cars Safely on Craigslist

Craigslist can be a great way to buy a used car, but there are some basic safety tips to keep in mind that apply to buying cars privately, regardless of the source.

The Economics of Buying a Luxury Car

Luxury cars used to have exclusive features, but these days many basic models have heated seats, stability control, active headlamps, and killer infotainment systems. Why buy luxury?

5 Inside Tips for Buying Your First New Car

Congratulations, you've graduated and you're buying your first new car! Here's how not to get taken for a ride.


Car Talk Car Survey

Review your car.  And see what other owners are saying.

Service Your Car

Tips from Car Talk for simple maintenance you can do yourself.

Our Top Ten Lists

Cars we hate the most, signs you should pull over, and lots more. Here's Car Talk's Top 10 lists.

Car Complaints

Ever wonder what problems others are having with your car? Find out now!

Car Talk Safety Page

Sign up for email alerts, check recalls, and file complaints in our new safety area.

Guide to Better Fuel Economy

Forking over too many dineros at the pumps?  Check out these tips and cut back on your addiction today.

Premium vs. Regular

Can you use regular, when your owner's manual calls for premium?  Here's Car Talk's take.

Do-It-Yourself Guide

Want to change your own oil, but have visions of your own backyard Deepwater Horizon?  Check out Car Talk's DIY tips.  You might actually fix your car -- and save money in the process.

Car Noise Emporium

Got a noise coming from under the hood?  Play nearly 30 car noises and get the official diagnosis.

Guide to Recycling

Want to save money on repairs? Want to save a lot of money? Use an auto recycler, aka junkyard. See our guide.

Change a Flat with Car Talk

Check out Click and Clack's official guide and get tips for a safe flat-tire pit stop.

Official Car Talk Guide to Jump-Starting Your Car

Ever wonder how to jump start your car — without exploding yourself into the next zip code?  Our Official Car Talk Guide to Jump Starting Your Car can help.

How to Be a Great Customer

What can you do other than bring fresh brownies? Find out!

Is Your Car Toxic?

Get the lowdown on the chemicals in your car.

Where to Repair? Dealer or Independent

Who's right for you — and who's less expensive?  Check out results of a Car Talk study.

Special Needs Zone

Do you use a wheelchair, are you sized a bit differently, or do you require adapative equipment for your jalopy?  Our Special Needs Zone can help.

5 Great Holiday Gifts for Your Mechanic

If there's one thing we know about mechanics, they're not above flat-out bribery. One of these gifts should get your tires rotated ahead of everybody else in line.

Understanding Your Frustrating Navigation System

Navigation systems were supposed to help you find your destination easier, but a lot of them are more frustrating than folding a paper map from AAA. Here's how to understand some of the features.


Summer Driving Tips

Cramming the family in the wagon for a summer road trip?  Spare yourself the misery of a breakdown. Check our summer driving tips first.

Car Talk's Guide to Favorite Car Apps

We wanted to know the best car apps out there. To find out, we turned to you, our loyal Car Talk fans. Here's what you said.

Safe Driving Zone

Planning on having an accident?  Neither are we.  Check out tips from Car Talk to keep it that way.

Teen Drivers

Driving hints and tips for teen drivers — and their parents.

Avoiding the Blind Spot

Reset those mirrors!  Here's a great new way to avoid that dreaded blind spot.

Learn to Drive Stick

Car Talk's tips for learning to drive a manual transmission vehicle.

The Official Car Talk Guide to Civil Driving

Are you sure you're not the jerk?  Here are a few humble suggestions for making life on the road a little more tolerable.


Does your favorite passenger have four legs and a tail?  Sit, stay, and be sure to read our best dog-car advice!

Global Warming And Your Car

Here's one way to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions from your car.

Snow Traction Devices

From chains to mats and lots more, read reviews and share your experience with accessory traction devices.

Trip Planner

Firing up the RV for a road trip to the World's Largest Ball of Lint in East Moosejaw?  Our Car Talk Trip Planner should be your first stop.

Winter Driving Tips

Is there anything worse than breaking down in January?  Here's how to keep motoring safely through snow, sleet, and bitter cold.

Eco Area

Car Talk's useful tips for becoming an enlightened, granola-empowered driver.

Are Low Profile Tires Ruining Your Ride?

Low profile tires provide better handling, but they can make your car feel like the manufacturer forgot to add springs. Here are some helpful tips on choosing a better alternative.


Donate Your Car to NPR

Want to do something meaningful with your old car?  How about turning it into some episodes of All Things Considered or Morning Edition?  Here's how.

Sell It Yourself

Thinking about selling your car, but not sure how to do it?  Step-by-step instructions, hints, and tips on selling your car, from Car Talk.

7 Tips for Taking Better Pictures of Your Car

If you're selling your car privately, the pictures you take can help get you a better price and answer a lot of questions ahead of time. Step 1: Take all the pizza boxes out of the back seat.

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