Can You Spot the Error?

The Puzzler

RAY: A long-time customer named Pell Osborne was at the shop a few days ago and he brought his young son William along. While we discussed Pell's car, William was looking around the shop and within a few minutes, he saw that the sign that had been hanging up there for twenty years had a punctuation mistake.

He said, "That sign's not right." I was embarrassed. But his dad explained that it was kind of a hobby of his son's to find either grammatical or punctuation or spelling mistakes. So, I took the kid in the corner and gave him a couple of noogies to his head, and I got him to give me a puzzler.

This is a word puzzler. I am going to read three sentences. There's a mistake in one of them. And I'm going to try to read them as clearly as I possibly can.

A recent space shuttle mission almost ended in disaster.

While the shuttle and the international space station were engaged in their docking operation, the two crafts almost collided.

A quick thinking crew member saved the day.

What's the error?

Think you know? Drop Ray a note!

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