Calling All Lame Jokes!

lame jokes
The police came to my front door last night holding a picture of my wife and asked, "Is this your wife, sir?”

Shocked, I answered, "Why, yes it is!"

The cop said, "I'm afraid it looks like she's been hit by a bus.”

Have you heard any great lame jokes lately?

We haven't, and, frankly, it's really bumming us out! We need to remedy this situation immediately

So, we're turning to you, our long-suffering fans for help.

You might have noticed that Tom and Ray enjoy a good laugh now and then. (Heck, we even have our own Lame Jokes corner of the site.) And we've noticed that Car Talk listeners are the funniest radio audience of all time, so we think you're up to the challenge.

Share your favorite lame joke by posting it in the comments below. (Remember, we're a family show so skip that one about the penguin and the blown gasket, okay? Besides, we don't need to get in deeper [redacted] fecal matter with the FCC than we already are!)

We'll share our very favorite new lame jokes with you right here on our staff blog and also in our newsletter, the Time Kill Weekly.

Oh, by the way, the punchline:

I said, "I know, but she has a lovely personality and she's good with the kids."
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