Hello...You're Not on Car Talk!

Do we get calls! OY!, do we get calls!

Over the last 15 years, we've probably listened to about 350,000 pleas for automotive assistance from our listeners. That's a pretty stunning fact...particularly when you consider that Car Talk has only six listeners.

Of course, since Tom and Ray get around to taking only about a dozen calls each week, we have to be very, very picky. Naturally the lawyers, politicians and Chrysler operatives drop out of the mix very quickly. But that still leaves a lot of people who want to be on the show.

And, believe me, there are still quite a few nutballs who call in. We've spared Tom and Ray some real beauties. Don't believe us? We've saved the tapes. Take a listen for yourself to...

The Most Bizarre Calls We Never Took:

Call #1: Problems We Can't Solve

Call #2: Some People Will Use Any Advantage to Get Us to Call Them Back

Call #3: Another Endearing Listener

Call #4: The Dangers of Drinking Early in the Morning

Call #5: Another Helpful Caller

Call #6: What's in a Name?

Call #7: Our Listeners Really Care