Cabin Coffin

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RAY: Both men had been healthy in their late twenties or early thirties and were married. And their wives were hundreds of miles away at the time and alive. The question is how did the two men die? Now the one -- I said I covered all the bases, but I didn't. There is one thing that was omitted.

TOM: Well, probably there are lots of things that you omitted.

RAY: Well, when I said they didn't die by starvation or stabbing or strangulation or poisoning or whatever, but they did die by accident. Because the cabin they were in crashed. The cabin was the cabin of a plane. Oh, come on. I love your ringing endorsements.

TOM: I guess it is all right.

RAY: Well, do we have a winner this week at least?

TOM: Yes, we do have a winner. The winner is Anne Maddox from Kingston Springs, Tennessee.

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