Buying House Number Letters

The Puzzler

RAY: Remember last week's Puzzler?

TOM: Of course I do. It was about... it was about...

RAY: Right. House numbers. And so is this week's Puzzler. Here it is. A man is waiting in line at a hardware store to buy letters that make up the number of his house. You know. For example --

TOM: T, H, R, E, E.

RAY: There you go. But, by luck, there were three other guys ahead of him in line all doing the same thing. The first customer buys the number one. O, N, E. He pays two bucks. The next guy buys the number TWO, and pays three bucks. The third guy buys the number ELEVEN, and he pays five bucks.

Our protagonist is buying the number twelve. Here's my question: How much does he pay?

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