Buy a Hum-Vee for Junior

Dear Tom and Ray:

Our 15 year old son will be getting his license this year, and wants a car. Now before you make your recommendation, let me tell you a few of the things this boy has done. He recently shaved off his beautiful hair to impress a girl that likes crew cuts. Also, he and three friends went into a girls dormitory, stripped down to nothing, and went running through the house! With all of this in mind, what kind of car do you think we should get him?

TOM: Amy, we have the perfect car for this guy. Have you heard of the new Hum-Vee. This is the army's newest all-terrain vehicle, which replaces the Jeep.

RAY: Unfortunately, the only way Junior can get to drive a Hum-Vee is by enlisting in the army. How's that for killing two birds with one stone? Besides, he's already got the haircut for it!
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