Bribing the Guard Puppy?

pets, car talk plaza
If you've ever visted Car Talk Plaza, you may have noticed that to gain entrance, you must first get past our ferocious guard puppy, Daisy.  She protects us from all kinds of people... the mailman, Harvard professors, and wayward public radio hosts, for instance!

Also accepting rawhides, filet mignon, etc.Meet Daisy!

Are we terrified yet?The other day, this mysterious homage appeared.

What does it mean?!We've been mulling over this mystery all week (between naps). Why would someone want to bribe Daisy? So she'd "forget" to guard the Car Talk dim sum buffet?

Or is there something she's always wanted and she's saving up?  Canine ear plugs so she doesn't have to suffer listening to our lousy show, perhaps?

Please leave us your insights on this serious (and possibly dangerous!) situation in the comments below.
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pets, car talk plaza

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