A Brake Job by Any Other Name Just Ain't the Same

The Puzzler

RAY: Here's the answer. When I ordered the parts I said to the parts clerk - 'I'd like these following parts, and I have a 1990 Ford F150 V8 four-wheel drive.'

What he heard was, "I have a 1994 F150 V8 four-wheel drive.' So he gave me parts for a '94 when I wanted parts for a 1990.

TOM: Indeed.

RAY: And the Ford is what sounded like a four and screwed up the whole thing. Do we have a winner?

TOM: Our winner this week is Deborah Ferraro from Iowa City, Iowa, and for having her answer selected at random from among all the correct answers that we got, Deborah gets a $26 gift certificate to the Shameless Commerce Division at cartalk.com, with which she can get a copy of our latest book called, Ask Click and Clack.

RAY: Congratulations, Deborah!

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