By Book Or By Crook

The Puzzler

RAY: Everyone remembers Paul Drake from Perry Mason - Paul Drake Detective Agency. Well, many years ago Paul had to hire an assistant. He had three candidates and he decided to give them a little quiz. He said, "Look guys, there's a crime that needs to be solved and there's a clue in one of the public libraries in Bakersfield. The clue is stuck inside a book, between pages 165 and 166. The book was written by two famous brothers about cars." And two of the guys jump up and bolt out the door. The third guy just sits there. Drake says, "You got the job." Why did he get the job? What did he know that the other two ding-a-lings didn't know?

TOM: He didn't know anything. He was on crutches.

RAY: He didn't know where the library was.

TOM: He wanted to know what's a book?

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