Bloody Brakes

The Puzzler

RAY: John rebuilt both calipers. In other words, he put them on his dining room table, took them all apart, installed the new kits that he had -- flawlessly, I might add -- and reinstalled them. But in doing so, he put the left one on the right and the right one on the left, and by making that mistake, the bleeder -- that is, the little valve you open to let air escape from the system -- was at the bottom of each caliper, because he had flipped them around, and not at the top where, what?

TOM: The air goes.

RAY: The air is. If you take a liquid that has air in it too, and you flip it upside down, no matter what you do, the air always goes to the top.

TOM: You can try this out with a bottle of orange soda. Which we do every week here.

RAY: And no matter how much bleeding you do, there is so much air, which is compressible, trapped in the system, that you cannot get a brake pedal no matter how many master cylinders you put in. So who's our winner this week?

TOM: The winner is Lu Shirley from Papillon, Nebraska. Congratulations!

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