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If it sounds like a double breasted zoot, call your tailor.


I have an ' Ford F- Wheel Drive Pick-up The rear chirps when the Clutch engages The sound seems to be coming from around the rear universal joint Also the truck shakes at - MPH then settles down What's wrong...


What happens when gerbils power your car?


Brooke's station wagon has a tendency to falter like it's out of gas, even when the tank is full. Letting air some air into the gas tank solves the problem every time. Ray says fuel systems need  ventilation to run properly, but Tom says there are four gerbils powering her engine, and they need enough air to keep running on their little wheels. Which brother will she believe?


What's the cure for a wild speedometer?


with the speedometer on my Buick Roadmaster When cruising the needle on the speedometer continues to swing wildly back and forth What causes this problem and what is the cure for it Don RAY The speedometer gauge is attached to...


Can a beer can be used to plug holes in an exhaust pipe?


My mechanic told me that the exhaust pipe on my Datsun pick-up has holes in it He says he fixed it by welding a beer can around it He says this will take care of it Is he right Marcy...



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