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Can sludge in the carburetor cause racing?


I own a Olds Cutlass Ciera When I have the air conditioner or the defroster on the car will start racing Really racing I can have my foot on the brake and you can hear the gas pedal clicking by...


Carla's ex-husband tells her what to do with her Cadillac


I have a Cadillac with miles I will soon be divorced and am concerned about this car since you stated in a previous column that an ' Cadillac is not exactly the zenith of reliability I asked my soon-to-be-ex-husband what...


Salt invades little nooks and crannies


Living in a snowy town I've always wondered about the wisdom of washing my car in the winter Somehow it seems to me that spraying the salt off my car might do more harm than good by allowing the salt...


"Little Honda on the Prairie"


Would you like to hear the end of a story The story of the -year-old woman planning an extended tour of the western half of the United States in a high mileage eight-year-old Honda Accord With her dog for company...



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