Mechanic admits I didn't need a new engine, so do I have to pay for it?


I was told by three different mechanics about a month ago that the knock in my ' Grand Cherokee was an engine about to go After comparing options it seemed the best route was a new engine with a three-year...


Is there a really good reason why my grandchildren have to be in the backseat? I feel like a chauffeur!


Suddenly I'm years old a grandfather and a grumpy old man Here's what I'm grumpy about I have a grandson who was born three months premature At his current rate of growth he'll be in a rear-facing car seat when...


Is the chattering produced on my wife's car's brakes when it rains something to worry about?


I'm having no luck convincing my wife that the chattering produced by her ' Chevy Cavalier miles lots of brake pad left when it rains is absolutely normal and not life-threatening Despite my accurate call that the intermittent braking noise...


What's up with the customer satisfaction surveys that dealers are mailing me...pre-filled out?


What's up with dealer customer-satisfaction surveys After I get my car serviced the dealer sends me a four-page already-filled-out survey identical to the one Honda is going to send me -- with excellent checked in every box The dealer tells...



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