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Today: All About Brake Pads


Jared just got his brakes replaced and his mechanic convinced him to buy ceramic brake pads. Now he wonders if these pads are as good as his mechanic says they are. Tom and Ray explain the history of brake pads and what's the best kind on the road today. 


To the Junkyard!


Jamie's wife's car runs great, but it is a complete mess on the inside and he wants to replace the interior on the cheap. Tom and Ray offer advice about sourcing quality parts from the junkyard, plus a word of caution about cats and cuban cigars. (It's relevant, we promise!) 


Today: Dottie's Oily Inheritance


Dottie's dad did a lot of his own car repair. Problem is, he didn't have a way to dispose of the used oil and other fluids. So, he left them in a 55 gallon drum in the garage, and it's all still there, 30 years later. Tom and Ray advise Dottie on how to safely and legally dispose of the mess. 


Scheduled Maintenance


The idiot lights on Tom Bodett's dashboard could be useful in lots of places. Like his forehead, for example.



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