Billy Bob's 50-Cent Habit

The Puzzler

RAY: Now, there are lots of potential answers to this.

TOM: There are?

RAY: Well, I suppose so. I mean, he could say, "Well, you know, he was buying gasoline and the thing was running so badly that he had to adjust the carburetor or anything," but there was only one elegant answer.

TOM: Oh, and it is elegant. It is.

RAY: That the "gas" he's buying is not gasoline, but instead he's buying "gas" which is air for his tires or a tire that has a leak.

TOM: And that's why it's always $.25.

RAY: He puts $.25 in the machine; the thing goes ding, ding, ding; he fills up his tire; and off he goes. He buys his gasoline someplace else.

TOM: Does it say dingaling?

RAY: Dingaling, and then, of course, the tire's flat after his day at work. He stops at the same filling station again, inserts another quarter--$.25 worth of gas. So, some may go boo-hoo, hiss-hiss, etc., but...

TOM: But, as we all did when you told us the answer!

RAY: Yeah.

TOM: But in retrospect, I have to say, it's brilliant.

RAY: Well, if you think that one was bad, wait till you hear this week's.

TOM: Because a Puzzler should be a Puzzler! It should be puzzling!

RAY: Indeed. All right, who's our winner this week?

TOM: Our winner is Alyse D'Smith.

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