Is it possible to transfer my car loan to my daughter so she can take over my car (and car payments)?

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Dear Tom and Ray:

Being 82 years old, I have decided that I no longer want to drive. I would like to turn my car over to my daughter. I recently moved here from New York City, and I make the payments to Citibank. How can I change the payments for my car over to my daughter?

TOM: Unfortunately, Odell, Citibank won't let someone else "take over" the payments on an auto loan. But there are other ways of giving the car to your daughter and ridding yourself of the loan payments.

RAY: One is to break into Citibank some holiday weekend and get the title. But that might be a little much for you at 82.

TOM: So we'd suggest you simply "sell" the car to your daughter for the amount left on your loan. She'd have to take out a new loan for that amount. If she's not in a financial position to get the loan herself, you can always be a co-signer.
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selling, loans

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