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RAY: How did he know that he was being held in a Honda? He was blindfolded. He doesn't know anything about cars. He can't see anything. He can't smell anything. His hands were tied. He couldn't feel the fabric, but he could hear and here's the hint I gave. He used to be a Boy Scout. And I remember when I was a Boy Scout I learned Morse Code.

TOM: You did. Did ya?

RAY: Yes. Well, I just remember a few letters. I do remember they all consisted of dits and dahs.

TOM: Dah, dah, dit, dit, dah, dah, dah.

RAY: Bip, bip, bap, boop, bap, boop, boop.

TOM: Yeah.

RAY: When the key is left in the ignition of a Honda and you open the door, it goes d-d-d-dit, d-d-d-dit. Which is Morse Code for "H." That right, Dougie Mayer? Where's Dougie? Is he still awake? He says, yeah. He used to be a Boy Scout too 'til they threw him out. You shouldn't have done. Never mind. And who might our winner be this week?

TOM: Is the letter H which is H for Honda.

RAY: So, the four cars that were there, the police were looking for a Honda.

TOM: And this exalted one from the Beet Growers Association knew Morse Code, got the letter H and said --

RAY: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Well.

TOM: Why would it be H if it wasn't a Honda, he said?

RAY: He said. This guy. He said, 'All I know is I heard d-d-d-dit-d-d-d-dit.

TOM: Just tell me what they didn't... Did he say, "Book 'em Dano?"

RAY: That's all he could say. He couldn't speak. All he went is d-d-d-dit, d-d-d-dit. D-d-d-dit. D-d-d-dit.

TOM: Well, we got a winner. The winner is Ray Hadlock.

RAY: With an H. H, d-d-d-dit.

TOM: With an H. From Cleveland, Ohio.

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