Battery With a Death Wish

The Puzzler

RAY: His battery was going dead because something was indeed draining the battery when it was parked in his driveway...

TOM: Aliens?

RAY: ...that was not draining it when it was parked in the shop. And what was draining it was the underhood light. His driveway was on an incline of such severity -- you know those underhood lights have a little mercury switch in them so that when you lift the hood the light goes on.

TOM: No kidding!

RAY: And if you're parked at a steep enough angle and the switch is on the hairy edge of being mis-adjusted -- you know as you open the hood, if you stick your head under there and peek when you've got it open 2, 3, 4, 5 inches, the light may in fact come on.

TOM: Not only that, but you can tell which way his driveway slopes. Up!

RAY: He was backin' in.

TOM: Wow. Jeez. That was good. That was excellent!

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