Atomically Correct

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RAY: This was submitted by Dave Berdell. He writes:

"My brainy, smarty-pants nephew got recently as a present the snazzy new Atomic Watch. Now for those of you who don't know what an atomic watch is, it's a watch that receives a radio signal from the atomic clock in Fort Collins, CO. It's beamed out all over the country and when your watch receives this signal, it synchronizes it. It's accurate to one second every 6,000 years or something like that.

"The styling is very sleek and modern. There are no numbers, no stem, just twelve little dots and two hands. It has a smooth, featureless expansion band. In fact, the whole thing is very simple and perfectly symmetrical.

"I studied his fancy time piece for a few minutes, and I looked at it very carefully, and I said, 'I think this watch is stupid.'

My nephew asked, 'Well, how so?' So I explained how I thought it was a stupid watch.

'Oh no!' retorted my nephew. 'You're wrong,' he says. And the little twerp was correct. So the question is, what did I say to him? And what was I wrong about?

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