Arrr, A Nautical Puzzler, Matey

The Puzzler

RAY: If you think about it for a minute, before there was inertial navigation and all that geo-positional satellites and all that, sailors of old used to navigate by the stars.

TOM: Yeah, we knew that.

RAY: Except during the daytime, there ain't no stinking stars.

TOM: I noticed that too.

RAY: And they used to use the sun, which is what?

TOM: A star.

RAY: Which is a star, yes, it is. It's the only star that's visible in the daytime. Because they were using the sun to navigate and looking at the sun and getting angles of elevation so to speak with a sextant, they would burn out their retinas.

TOM: Really?

RAY: Yes, as we know, if you stare at the sun, what happens to your eyesight? It gets cooked!

TOM: So the way they navigated was to figure out how far above the horizon the sun is? That just tells you what time it is doesn't it?

RAY: Yeah, but they didn't have time pieces. So someone says what time is it Mickey?

RAY: You say let me burn my retina out, and I'll tell you in a minute.

TOM: I'll burn out my retina, and I will let you know. Or he says you mean now? Yeah.

RAY: Come on, who's our winner. Come on we got -- we're on a tight schedule.

TOM: Here it is, all right. We have three half hours to do. The winner is Cheryl Jovell -- Jovell. Jovell, Jovell.

RAY: I like Jovell better.

TOM: Jovell.

RAY: Even though that's not the right pronunciation.

TOM: It probably isn't, but it has a nice ring to it. She's from Largo, Florida.

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