Anna Grzymala-Busse

Ann Arbor, MI


A gorgeous, sleek 1997 Mazda 626

Favorite memory about this vehicle:
Its habit of leaking water into the front seat.

Also, the time we drove it from Boston to Ann Arbor via Ontario, and the customs agent couldn't believe that the newspaper-wrapped object strapped into the rear seat was a houseplant and not a mummy or a child. (Or a mummified child.)

Why I donated:
To support NPR, of course. And because its trade-in value was somewhere in the double digits.

NPR Station:
WUOM, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Favorite NPR Shows:
On the Media, This American Life, The World, Marketplace, and of course, Car Talk.

Excuse for listening to Car Talk:
Our older son (now two and a half) likes to hear "The big men laugh, Mama! They're silly."

Biggest surprise about the donation process:
The ease of it. We just parked the car on the street, and the nice people sneaked in, took our car, and sent us a receipt a few weeks later that made our tax accountant very happy.

What's your new car?
A 2007 Nissan Murano.

Can we tow it away for you, too? Please?
Sure, once it becomes as gorgeous and sleek as the Mazda did.