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Amish Visits Car Talk Plaza


Sorry we missed you. Here's a photo of our Tom and Ray cut outs. You'll have to Photoshop yourself in!

-- Doug, Carly, David, Doug M and Connie

Dear Tom and Ray,

As my wife would agree, I'm an idiot. She was at a lecture on Friday morning, September 30th, at that school across the way there and I thought I would wander over to Car Talk Plaza and see if I could get something free, or at the very least, get beaten up. I tried the door on your side of the Abbott building and it was locked, so I went the other way with no luck there. Apparently the building is split in half or something?

I came back around and some folks were being let in by the glasses place downstairs, so I followed in behind them and ran up the stairs. There I saw it: the red door to Car Talk Plaza. On the side was something about a dog or something and in the middle was a list of names for Car Talk Plaza. Very funny.

I knocked. No response. I knocked again, no noise on the inside. So I turned the knob and it opens so I walk in. It looks like the kind of office a fourteen-year-old boy would set up to read comic books or something. Anyways, I saw your cutouts and started to walk in the middle room when I was overcome by reason:

I should not be here! I am going to get arrested!

As I turn to walk out, that's when Daisy notices me and begins to bark. I said a word aloud that I figure you won't say on the air, so I omit it here. I begin to walk towards the door when a gentleman stands up in the back, asking if I need help. I believe my exact words were "" Daisy is still barking.

I got the hell outta there! I walked out the door, noted the biscuits for Daisy and ran down the stairs, afraid to look back at Car Talk Plaza, other than to get a black and white photo with my Lazarus camera (though that's a story for another time).

Today I got home and read FAQ answer #15, which states:

I'm visiting Boston. Can I come by your office?

Sure, visitors are always welcome. You can have your photo taken with the life-sized cut outs of Tom and Ray.

But remember, don't bother the lackeys too much. They are the only ones who do any real work around here.

<Expletive Deleted>,
Amish Trivedi

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