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Amish Visits Car Talk Plaza

car talk plaza
Dear Tom and Ray,

As my wife would agree, I'm an idiot. She was at a lecture on Friday morning, September 30th, at that school across the way there and I thought I would wander over to Car Talk Plaza and see if I could get something free, or at the very least, get beaten up. I tried the door on your side of the Abbott building and it was locked, so I went the other way with no luck there. Apparently the building is split in half or something?

I came back around and some folks were being let in by the glasses place downstairs, so I followed in behind them and ran up the stairs. There I saw it: the red door to Car Talk Plaza. On the side was something about a dog or something and in the middle was a list of names for Car Talk Plaza. Very funny.

I knocked. No response. I knocked again, no noise on the inside. So I turned the knob and it opens so I walk in. It looks like the kind of office a fourteen-year-old boy would set up to read comic books or something. Anyways, I saw your cutouts and started to walk in the middle room when I was overcome by reason:

I should not be here! I am going to get arrested!

As I turn to walk out, that's when Daisy notices me and begins to bark. I said a word aloud that I figure you won't say on the air, so I omit it here. I begin to walk towards the door when a gentleman stands up in the back, asking if I need help. I believe my exact words were "" Daisy is still barking.

I got the hell outta there! I walked out the door, noted the biscuits for Daisy and ran down the stairs, afraid to look back at Car Talk Plaza, other than to get a black and white photo with my Lazarus camera (though that's a story for another time).

Today I got home and read FAQ answer #15, which states:

I'm visiting Boston. Can I come by your office?

Sure, visitors are always welcome. You can have your photo taken with the life-sized cut outs of Tom and Ray. But remember, don't bother the lackeys too much. They are the only ones who do any real work around here.

Expletive Deleted,
Amish Trivedi

Sorry we missed you. Here's a photo of our Tom and Ray cut outs. You'll have to Photoshop yourself in!

-- Doug, Carly, David, Doug M and Connie

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