James Goes for a Drive

Going over the Continental Divide for the first time.

The Great Southwest

The night before a fun run along route 66. Seligman, AZ

Death Valley

Fixing a broken fuel pump, which luckily decided to collapse within pushing distance
of an auto parts store in the shadow of Mt. Shasta, CA

Under the Redwood Forest

The Pacific Ocean

Dad joining me for a portion of trip, and taking a pee break on the road
between Haines, AK, and Haines Junction, Yukon Territories.

Circle City, AK. A side trip before the haul up to the Prudhoe Bay, and it actually
ended up being a worse road. Located on the Yukon Rive, but coincidentally,
a good 100 miles south of the Arctic Circle.

The Midnight Sun baseball game in Fairbanks for the Summer Solstice.
Approximately 10:30 pm.

Coldfoot, AK, located along the Haul Road (more officially called the Dalton Highway)
consisting of a small national parks museum on one side of the road and a gas station /
restaurant / motel / grocery store / bar / auto parts store on the other. Has a disputed claim
to the coldest temperature ever recorded. Also the only place to get gas for 242 miles.

Massif on the Tundra. If the picture looks a bit hazy, that is from the omnipresent
cloud of mosquitos.

Camping just outside of Prudhoe Bay. The brown dots in the background are musk oxen.

Musk Ox

Swimming in the Arctic Ocean

Camping just outside of Prudhoe Bay. The brown dots in the background are musk oxen.

Pulling off to the side of the road to let the boat pass.

The real Arctic Circle.

The gold mining town of Chicken, Alaska. Named after the plentiful ptarmigans
that the miners found in the area when they first arrived. However being unsure
of the spelling of ptarmigan, they decided on Chicken as an acceptable alternative.

Preparing to drink a Sourtoe Cocktail (sour mash whiskey with a toe garnish) in
Dawson City, Yukon Territories. Yes, it's a real human toe.

Mt. Rushmore

Installing a new heat shield in the Badlands

Detroit, MI

Taking a smoked meat break in Montreal

Overheating while driving up Mt. Washington, NH


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