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Tom & Ray, since you're so smart, what cars do YOU drive?

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Dear Tom and Ray:

After listening to your radio show and reading your column for years, I have come to the conclusion that you must be two of the greatest auto experts alive. Since you can solve other people's problems without even looking at their cars, your own cars must always be in tip-top condition. I am also sure that they never break down, because you fix the problems as soon as they occur -- perhaps sometimes even before they happen. Would you, therefore, mind telling me which cars you drive yourself? Because I am absolutely positive that they must be the most well-engineered, reliable, comfortable, fuel-efficient and cost-effective cars one can buy, and I would like to get one myself. -- Dave

RAY: Do I detect a hint of sarcasm, Dave?

TOM: Oh, no!

RAY: Well, since you asked, Dave, I currently drive a 1997 Honda Odyssey, which was one of the "small" Odysseys, before Honda turned it into a full-blown minivan.

TOM: I used to drive a 1953 MGTD, which met every one of your criteria, except for well-engineered, reliable, comfortable, fuel-efficient and cost-effective. But I parked it at my brother-in-law's last year, and now I take the bus or green-line train everywhere. And both of those DO meet every one of your criteria, Dave. And, of particular importance to me, I never have to work on either of them on the weekends!
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