After having shocks and struts replaced on my Volvo my...

suspension, wheels, Volvo
Dear Tom and Ray:

After having shocks and struts replaced on my 85 Volvo, my car has a rattle in the left rear when I go over bumps. After taking the car back twice and being told nothing was wrong, I took it back a third time and was told it's the bushings. Does this sound reasonable to you?

TOM: It sounds more than reasonable, Pauline. It sounds likely. My brother has made many-a-boat-payment courtesy of Volvo bushing replacements.

RAY: In the rear end of this car, there are two sets of "trailer arm bushings," and two sets of "track rod bushings." And when either one of them goes, you get a "buh-da-bum, buh-da-bum" sound when you go over bumps. And they go all the time.

TOM: So bushings are a safe bet in this case, Pauline. Look in the yellow pages for Bobka the Bushing Baron, and tell him we sent you.
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suspension, wheels, Volvo

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