An African Roadside Mechanic

The Puzzler

RAY:  Here's the answer. So this guy who knew nothing about brakes, probably never seen a brake in his life –- when he walked up and down the road he found a rock.  And he shoved the rock between the caliper piston and its bracket and as such basically with the rock replaced the missing pads and the rotor right? 
TOM:  Of course!
RAY:  And it constrained the movement of the caliper piston so it couldn’t fall out.  He then used the shoe laces to tie up the caliper to the frame so it wouldn’t bounce around and dangle and break off.  And off we went.  Pretty cute eh?
TOM:  Wow.
RAY:  Do we have a winner?
TOM:  Yes we do.  Our winner this week is Alan Massey for Baltimore Maryland. Congratulations Alan!

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