The $50,000 Special

The Puzzler

TOM: I know the answer to part A, and the answer to part A is the Zamboni machine.

RAY: That's right. That's exactly right.

TOM: And I've got to take a wild guess at number two that it's got to be Sonja Henie, but she was dead in 1949.

RAY: No, she was not dead at that time.

TOM: You mean she was the perpetrator of this?

RAY: No, she didn't invent it. It was invented by...Frank Zamboni.

TOM: I remember. I used to buy sandwiches from him.

RAY: Yeah, give me two large Zambonis and hold the hot pepper.

TOM: The Zamboni, of course, is the big thing that cleans off the ice on a skating rink. Right?

RAY: Exactly right. You know, it's good at removing the blood from the ice, too.

TOM: And teeth...

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