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#1541: The Case of the Disappearing Pedals

Original Air Date: 10.10.2015

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This week on The Best of Car Talk, Click and Clack dive headlong into relationship advice. The result? Further proof of their legendary status as relationship morons! Also, Nechama’s hood is rusted shut. Can she play dumb, go for an oil change and hope the guys at the corner station fix it for free? Marge and her dad are at odds over the safety of talking on a cell phone while refueling. Can Tom and Ray calm the familial waters? Plus, Andrew is a 15-year-old political hopeful looking for a car to impress the voters, and Paul needs a new cocktail for his car, which already has a smoking problem. All that, plus how do Tom and Ray prepare for the show? Find out, this week on The Best of Car Talk.

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Segment 1
Show Open: Click and Clack's Relationship Advice.

Segment 2
Going to the Chapel.. or at least trying to!

Segment 3
A Teenage Politician and His Car.

Segment 4
Puzzler Answer: How was the soldiers cover blown?

Segment 5
A Frozen Hood and a Car with a Smoking and Cocktail Problem.

Segment 6
Will talking on a cell phone at a gas station cause you to blow up?

Segment 7
New Puzzler: Tom and Ray are wingin' it!

Segment 8
The Key that Won't Stay In.

Segment 9
Vlad's Bucking Ford.

Segment 10
What Are My Pedals?

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Show Open Topic

Click and Clack offer relationship advice. Consider yourselves warned! Listen Now

This Week's Puzzler

Wingin’ It: Where does the term "wingin' it" come from and what does it mean? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

The Captured Spy: How did the spy give himself away? Find out!

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