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#1527: Stella's Personal Billboard

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Original Air Date: 07.04.2015

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This week on The Best of Car Talk, how do you attract a guy who’s whizzing by at 60 miles per hour? Stella is renting a highway billboard for a personal ad and, to make a questionable idea even worse, is turning to Tom and Ray for design help. Elsewhere, after having his brake pedal sink to the floor twice in stop-and-go traffic, Chris thinks it’s time to either figure out what’s wrong, or update his life insurance; deli salesman Frank may have to part with a couple of spiral cut hams to find out why his car is making noise; and, why does Mabel’s Subaru sound like she’s torturing a chihuahua when starts it? All this, and lots more, this week on The Best of Car Talk.

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Show Open: Happy Independent Suspension Day!

Segment 2
We night need a couple of spiral cut hams to solve this, Frank.

Segment 3
Twinkle twinkle little star, power equals pi squared r...

Segment 4
Never let the facts get in the way of a good answer.

Segment 5
Puzzler Answer: The Counterfeit Coin Division goes to work.

Segment 6
20 minutes of 3-footed dribing is a problem.

Segment 7
Stella's really big personal ad.

Segment 8
New Puzzler: The False Positive.

Segment 9
We have automotive issues, Lisa.

Segment 10
A day in stop and go traffic, without the stopping.

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Happy Independent Suspension Day! Listen Now

This Week's Puzzler

The Possibly False Positive: A rare disease is sweeping your town. What are the chances you’ve caught it? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

The Counterfeit Quarters: Can you figure out which quarters are bo-o-o-o-gus? Find out!

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