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#1504: The PII Range Rover


Original Air Date: 01.24.2015

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This week on The Best of Car Talk, Danni bought a used Range Rover in the midst of what she calls Pregnancy-Induced Insanity. Reality quickly set in, as her skyscraper-esque husband couldn’t fit in the car, and it racked up a few thousand dollars in repair bills in no time. Should she cut her losses and dump this impulse buy? Elsewhere, Charlie had to replace his fuel pump three times in the last year, and is tired of having them fall on his chest; Kristy may need a stethoscope and a potato to figure out why her car is making noise; and physicist Robert is too busy trying to solve thermonuclear fusion to get his timing belt changed. All this, plus the tale of Sonja Henie’s Zamboni, and lots more, this week on The Best of Car Talk.

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Segment 1
Show Open: Sonja Henie's Zamboni!

Segment 2
Charge first, apologize later.

Segment 3
I didn't know thermo-nuclear engines had a timing belt!

Segment 4
Puzzler Answer: Interesting change.

Segment 5
This wasn't malice, just plain stupidity.

Segment 6
"Half" isn't really half.

Segment 7
You need a stethoscope and a potato.

Segment 8
New Puzzler; The king and his red hats.

Segment 9
I'm tired of having fuel pumps land on my chest.

Segment 10
Danni and the Pregnancy Insanity-Induced Range Rover

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Show Open Topic

Sonja Henie's Zamboni! Listen Now

This Week's Puzzler

The Mad Hatter: Three red hats, three white hats. Which hat is the wisest man in the kingdom wearing? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

A Very Curious Transaction: What was so interesting about the customer's change? Find out!

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A Brief History of the Zamboni!

A history of the Zamboni, with a guest appearance from Sonja Henie, right here.

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