#1445: Tommy, Riposa in Pace

RIP, old friend. We miss you terribly.

Original Air Date: 11.08.2014

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This week on Car Talk, we pay tribute to our beloved brother, friend, and co-host, Tom Magliozzi, who passed away Monday, November 3rd. You’ll hear many of our favorite moments featuring Tom the consummate radio professional, Tom the philosopher king, Tom the storyteller, and ultimately Tom, the guy who enjoyed nothing more than to sit with his brother and all of you listeners for an hour a week, laughing his butt off. This special edition of the show will be hosted by Ray. We’ll be listening, and we hope you will, too.

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A special memorial tribute to Tom Magliozzi, who passed away this week.

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Car Talk for Marathon training

by BrianK9

Last year, I decided to run a marathon, so months before that I had to start training. I needed something to numb my mind (just kidding) during those long grueling hours of running. I turned to Car Talk Podcasts. So - Even though marathon runners feel like turning around and going back to the starting line, this is NPR.

Favorite Moment: Tom and Ray with Martha Steward

Thank you!

by jlcts2

I've enjoyed this show so much over the years. Bad moods turned to good so many times. I can't remember feeling so much for the passing of someone I never met. Thank you Tom and Ray!

Favorite Moment: The laugh. Any of 'em.

Seems too short


Not sure how many times I've listened to this last show featuring Tom's "greatest" moments. At least the first three times, the show only seemed to have taken 10 minutes. Don't know if I fell asleep or the matter of laughing threw tears distorted the time.

Favorite Moment: Of course, the truck. Thank goodness my wife doesn't understand.

Wanted to say this, and thank you.

by ApolloUK14

I'm only 20, and I literally grew up listening to these guys. I kept me smiling and happy through the good and bad of my whole life, I want to seriously say thank you from the bottom my heart. I'm very, very sad to see Tommy go, but I will *ALWAYS*, remember and respect him as long as I live.

Favorite Moment: The story about the credit card and south beach. (Made me very happy to see it made it into this episode)

Smiles in South Australia

by Claytonio

To Ray & Family, so sorry for your loss. When I first read the title of this podcast I thought it was another one of your cheeky "rollicking" pranks! Thought you should know Tommy's ability to bring out smiles and laughs extended to the Antipodes.

Favorite Moment: Predicting Cathy with a C or K! :) Hearing you guys sing!

G'Bye Tommy

by crozetdan

Can't imagine grieving so much over someone I've never met.

Favorite Moment: Pick one.

Tom, you live on in my laughs and smiles

by greenespace

Tom's laugh and humor could take me from being in a terrible mood to a great mood. This show was a perfect example of highlights from shows that he made me--and everyone else that listened to him--forget their troubles and laugh and smile. A great, great tribute, Ray- you nailed it. I will listen to this show many, many times in the coming years. And in that way, Tommy lives on.

Favorite Moment: I have a weakness for two segments- the credit card incident in Miami, and his army stories... I will laugh every single time I ever hear them.

Created account just to say . . .

by MissingTommy

Thank you. Ray, you and Tommy have been like the nutty uncles that I heard from on a weekly basis for most of the last 30 years. Tips on life, relationships, work and even, occasionally, cars. I can't believe how many perfectly good hours I've wasted during that span of time. And I wouldn't give a single one of them back. I miss you uncle Tommy and God bless you and your family uncle Ray.

Very sad

by Steelerguy

Ray, After a 25 year marriage, I divorced and moved to Laredo, TX alone. I have since remarried, but the first 2 years alone were rough. Your show and your brother's amazing wit kept me in check every morning on my walks. I laugh so hard I cry sometimes listening to your show. His laugh was infectious and I will join your thousands of fans in offering my sympathies to you and your family.

Favorite Moment: Your mom with Tommy saying lipstick instead of dipstick!

Keep it going

by Tosten

I always thought Tom was the sort one. Now after all of these years, I am forced once again to alter a perfectly good reality for one that actually is. The world of course needs more of his laughter.

Favorite Moment: Mom


Vowels to Bosnia

"Cities of Sjlbvdnzv, Grzny to Be First Recipients." Tom laughs, cackles and howls his way through this article from The Onion, in one of the most beloved As Read On segments of all time. 

The Andy Letter

Tom reads the single best letter ever sent to Car Talk Plaza. 

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