#1434: Foreign Accent Syndrome

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Original Air Date: 08.23.2014

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This week on Car Talk, a Massachusetts man begins speaking with a French accent after an accident. Thus we are introduced to Foreign Accent Syndrome, a neurological oddity which Tommy will be happy to explain, if he can ever stop laughing. Elsewhere, what goes in, must come out—unless ”it” is a piece of the Berlin Wall, stuffed into the trunk of a BMW. A few thousand miles away, John is having the opposite problem—his Bronco’s dipstick refuses to stay in. Also, should Julie fess up about her fender bender in the family van? And, Crystie dropped a nail into her gas tank, and is worried about an explosion. Her mechanic and the Chevy dealer refuse to take her seriously—and she thinks Tom and Ray will? Find out, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

Road Trip Trigonometry: Who drove the farthest - Tom or Ray? And by how many miles? Find out!

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The Not-So-Ordinary Bicycle: Who was the person whose invention revolutionized the development of the bicycle? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Has Car Talk gone elitist?

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Looking for a new theme?

by Slagpit

Any chance of a download for the song from the first break?

Great show!

by pattilou52

I laughed a lot, which is so good for the heart and soul, thanks guys!

Favorite Moment: The laughter exploding about the post -accident French accent.

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