#1418: The Ungrateful Passenger

The driver's revenge.

Original Air Date: 05.03.2014

   Best Moment 01:26

This week on Car Talk, Jere agreed to drive her sister's co-worker's husband to work. How did he thank her? By telling everyone (including Jere) she's a stinko driver. Elsewhere, Dorothy had to rig a wire to her Land Rover's fan to keep it from shredding the radiator, during her daily drive in Botswana. Will this brilliant solution cook her engine? Also, on Stump the Chumps, we find out if the "Godfather strategy" helped Joe convince his brother-in-law to remove an old Honda Civic from Joe's yard; and did a hammer and a "Hey guys, watch this!" really fix Hendie's brake noise? All this and more, this week no car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

The Shuddering Porsche: Why did the Porsche start shaking at 20 miles per hour? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

String Series, Number B: Get your Zippo lighter ready - we're measuring time with string. Find out!

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You Know You're Trailer Trash When...

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Trailer Trash Top Ten List

by overoceans

You know you're trailer trash...if you think a woman who's out of your league bowls on a different night; Nice double pun!

You Know You're From the Trailer Park When

"4. You think a woman who is "out of your league" bowls on a different night." More signs, right here. 

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