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#1415: The Ant Picnic

The ants go marching 2 by 2 (Flickr/gardenbeth)

Original Air Date: 04.12.2014

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This week on Car Talk, Mara has tried everything to rid her car of its ant infestation. Well, maybe not everything, since there are no burn marks. Tom and Ray have a way to lure them out that is at once incredibly creative-- and very stupid. Elsewhere, how does Diane reconcile her husband's desire to rebuild his BMW with her parent's need to get it off their farm, so the potatoes can be planted? Also, a lesson to car dealers: if you're going to make up a name for your wife, choose one you know how to spell. And, on Stump the Chumps, we find out if Tom, Ray, and Joan's husband correctly diagnosed her screeching Ford Festiva. All this and more, this week on Car Talk.

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Segment 1
Show Open: Stupid dealer tricks: My wife's name is Polly!

Segment 2
You get a 15-yard penalty, Catherine! Also, a stunning lapse of judgment in Our Fair State.

Segment 3
My neighbor, the horn disabler.

Segment 4
Puzler Answer: String burning.

Segment 5
When we say a half-hour, it means 6-months. Also, a Dart update: Tommy has the cubes!

Segment 6
Mara's ant picnic.

Segment 7
New Puzzler: A time of no accidents.

Segment 8
Tim's year of constant wiping.

Segment 9
Stump the Chumps: Joan's squealing Festiva. Could her husband have possibly been right?

Segment 10
The BMW in the potato field.

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Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray share a dealer trick that's not quite so bright. Listen Now

This Week's Puzzler

No Accidents: What is the safest time of year to drive, nationwide? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

String Series, Number A: How do you measure 15 minutes with two strings that take one hour to burn? Find out!

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