#1414: Ode to the Dart

Tom's Dart Meets the Tow Truck

Original Air Date: 04.05.2014

   Best Moment 01:30

This week on Car Talk, one listener's tribute to Tommy's dearly departed Dodge Dart will have William Wordsworth rolling over in his grave. "For in the spot where Dart once sat, there's now but oil stains." Later, Tom and Ray try to rescue a spoon trapped in one car's vents, and a 20-dollar bill trapped in a driver's door; and, on a slightly more urgent note, they try to keep Eric's engine from disintegrating. Elsewhere, Doug might become the Chuck Yeager of CV joints if he doesn't mind the risk of getting stuck on a railroad track; and can Environmental Studies major Carl do anything to ease his guilt over driving two ginormous gas guzzlers? All this and more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

String Series, Number A: How do you measure 15 minutes with two strings that take one hour to burn? Find out!

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Insta-lawn: If one grass plug can grow an entire lawn in 30 days, how fast will two grass plugs do it? Find out!

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An Ode to Tommy's Dearly Departed Dart

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The Dart

by Morgiesdad

Here's my suggestion for the Dart. Weld the fist size pieces together to make "Dart Art" and display it at the shop. Or Tommy's front lawn!

puzzling plug puzzler

by olblue

What? if you split the yard in half, plant plug in center of each. Wouldn't it be the 15th?

Favorite Moment: Dart poetry

The Dart

by Dave_W

Hi, Wasn't sure where to post my suggestion, but perhaps you can make large coin's or medallions out of the Dart? I'd get one.

The Edsel Song

by ChazWorm

The show was ok but I have got to get a copy of the Edsel song. I collect things Edsel and it would be a great addition to my collection.

Favorite Moment: The Edsel song

Casey at the bat

by vanPool

That's what I heard in the Dart epic poem (certainly not Homer). About the Bend landcruiser call: most Oregonians will tell U it's pronounced ory-gun, and that "it ain't 'gone'". I infer that the "trailer parks" he's avoiding are the 'salt of the earth' up there, and rural ugly isn't an excuse. Y not rideshare with the wife? Or even serve as a 'jitney' on the route? Also, using a 'rutted washboard' dirt roadmerely to commute only adds to it's degradation. There are plenty of trees to enjoy in Central Oregon-try riding a bike or hiking. Log trucks offer a 'mobile' opportunity.

Favorite Moment: open/close/puns and fraternal ribbing

Ode to a Dart

"And if ever a car earned winner's lap, After its earthly race, That old Dodge Dart deserved to go, To that Eternal Parking Space." More of this epic poem inspired by Tommy's beloved Dodge Dart, right here.

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