#1412: The Truth Detector

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Original Air Date: 03.22.2014

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This week on Car Talk, Tom and Ray help test a device that should strike fear in the hearts of all mechanics: a voice biometrics-based lie detector. Elsewhere, Corinne can't seem to get an oil change without a broken dipstick as a bonus; Christine's keys are stuck in her ignition--which may not be too worrisome, since her car won't start; and can struggling musician Dan fix his van's exhaust with guitar strings and an orange juice can? Also, a story that offers even more proof why you should never drive like Tommy! All this and more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

Camping with Water: How can you use a 13-gallon jug and a 7-gallon jug to accurately measure 2 gallons of water? Find out!

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Get Out Your Matchsticks: Another clever matchstick puzzler Find out!

Show Open Topic

How Car Talk is enabling one husband's bad habits!

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can't Comment however

by vanPool

The segment about a Volvo in Richmond, CA. Yes, plenty of crime, perhaps a legacy of black immigration during WWII for the shipyards and the still-looming oil refinery- Plenty of sociology there. But also, Richmond had the world's largest saltwater (indoor) opool, the Plunge. And there is the Nat.'l Rosie the Riveter Museum there. Some of these ladies are traveling to D.C. this week for an honorarium.

Favorite Moment: open/close and the puns

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