#1402: Never Look a Gift Dart Under the Hood

Ran when parked. (Flickr/born1945)

Original Air Date: 01.11.2014

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This week on Car Talk, should Mary let her 17-year-old son accept his girlfriend's mother's offer to give him her vintage Dodge Dart? Is Mom offering the car as a dowry substitute? Elsewhere, Cathy may have to resort to riding around wearing a football helmet to get her husband to get rid of his old Corolla; Carl earns Bad Idea of the Week honors for wanting to mount a snow plow to the front of his mini-van; and Chana's Dad's advice about warming up her car may be a subtle way of telling her he thinks she's a stinko driver. Also, how on earth did a parking valet start Kenneth's Subaru with the key from Kenneth's Caravan? All this and more, this week on Car Talk.

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My First Car

by JohnPie

My first car was a 66 Dart. It was a great first car, I could do 70 mph down hill and that's about it. It was very easy to work on, I even did an engine swoop in one day. I loved it and wish I still had it. I had to sell it after I dosed off at the wheel and rear ended a car who rear ended another car who rear ended another. It was not pretty.

Favorite Moment: the Dart Story

I love this show

by Doreen

Not only is it informative, but helpful. I listen even if they aren't talking about my car

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