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#1352: Bouncing Across Antarctica

We're going to need better tires. (Flickr/eliduke)

Original Air Date: 12.28.2013

   Best Moment 01:30

This week on Car Talk, Summer has come to Antarctica, and the ride in John's Delta has gotten so bumpy that he and his colleagues are banging their heads on the ceiling. Closer to home, Leland's Toyota can't pull a hill. Tom and Ray should have no trouble diagnosing Leland's problem, if they can figure out what "pull a hill" means. Also, Steve's ex-wife has a trio of car problems, which Steve may be a little too intetrested in trying to solve; Charlie desperately wants to blame a transmission shop for his fan breaking off and damaging another car; and Erin's best solution to a math lesson gone awry may be to stand her Impreza on its side. All this plus the true meaning of Santa Fe, and more, this week on Car Talk.

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The true meaning of Santa Fe.

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The Song

by HSACarTalkAddict

Thank you SO Much for the name!

The Song

by davecarx

The song was kim forehand - going home

Loved the show

by HSACarTalkAddict

My favorite part was the Song clip before Arup Gupta; Anybody know the Singer and the name of the song?

Favorite Moment: The song

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