#1351: Eddie and Edie Electron

Eddie, are you in there? (Marcin Białek/Wikimedia)

Original Air Date: 12.21.2013

   Best Moment 01:29

This week on Car Talk, why does Michelle have to rock her car violently to get it to start? Tom and Ray have a highly advanced technical explanation, involving Eddie and Edie Electron. Elsewhere, the Magliozzis try to bring holiday peace to two married couples. First, Veronica's husband wants to re-live his childhood by buying a vintage Land Rover that's likely to spend more time sitting in the front yard than moving along the road. Later, Reed's wife wants to use his beloved Ford Bronco to tow her horse trailer. Also, retired mechanic Steve wants to try to change his own timing belt, but is worried about incurring the Wrath of Mom; and Jim's nephew used a bottle to scrape ice off the windshield of Jim's Tercel. Is the solution a buffing, or a bricking? All this and

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This Week's Puzzler

Rocco and Throckmorton Locked in the Trunk: How could Throckmorton possibly have survived for hours? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

Following the City Bus: Why does Ray look forward to following the bus? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Two British listeners response to a Magliozzi culinary critique.

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In Defense of British Cuisine

Tom and Ray hear from the owners of "A Taste of Britain by Post" who write to urge Tom and Ray to redirect their disdain for British food in a more appropriate direction--towards the French. "We produced the Rolls Royce and the Jaguar, whereas they are responsible for the Peugeot and the Renault." Read the rest of the hilarious missive, right here. 

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