#1348: Repair Via Rock

Rock wins this round (Flickr/sosodave)

Original Air Date: 11.30.2013

   Best Moment 1:38

This week on Car Talk, Amy's head is spinning because her speedometer needle won't stop whizzing around in circles.Is a well-aimed rock her only hope of making it stop? Elsewhere, Suzanne's husband loves his vintage Ford Model A, but its gas fumes are destroying brain cells by the thousands. Also, Deanna's car battery tops New York City's "Must Steal" list; Romeo's muscle car lost its muscle after a day of peeling out; and Allen's Volvo and TV are both turning themselves on at random times. Is it bad wiring, or a bad neighbor? All this, and more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

Matchstick Math: What is the fewest number of moves needed to make the equation true? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

Two Trains and a Bee: See if you can figure this mathematical problem out. Find out!

Show Open Topic

Au contraire, Piston Pusses! Here's a better way to dump a Cavalier.

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by fixitdogdan

Great stories. And what was with the crazy guy!

Favorite Moment: Ok, now, can you help me get my wife back.....in a word, NO!

Loved it!

by katrin

Loved this show

Marital Trickery

Tom and Ray get a letter from Kathleen who's got an answer they can use to solve all marital disputes from now on. 

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